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My name is Bob Rubin. I have practiced personal injury law for more than 40 years; first, as an associate in two prominent personal injury firms, then, as a founding partner of a firm with offices in Michigan handling cases throughout the state, and now, as a sole practitioner practicing law according to my own philosophy. You have many choices of attorneys if you are injured. I am certain you have seen or heard many of their advertisements; they are good options. However, I believe each person involved in an accident is unique with their own special needs, concerns and problems. I too, am different from other attorneys in the way I approach and handle injury claims.

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At Rubin Law, the 4 R’s of my practice are:


I will respond to your inquiry immediately and speak and meet with you personally, without charge. You will speak to me directly, not an intake clerk or other person of the firm. This will continue throughout our relationship as I will provide you with my cell phone number so you can contact me any time the need arises.


We will sit down and form a plan together to pursue your claim in the most efficient manner. I will provide you with copies of correspondence and materials so you will know what is being done on your behalf. You will have my cell phone so we can discuss any changes in your conditions or concerns you may have as they occur. Flexibility and reaction are paramount. By working together in an informed, collaborative manner, the stress and anxiety following your accident can be eased and shared by me.


Working together with defined goals lead to the maximum opportunity for a resolution in your best interest.


Physical. Emotional. Financial.

Please take a minute to watch the attached videos, and read the reviews and testimonials posted by actual clients discussing their experiences to get a fuller understanding of how I practice personal injury law. I believe there is a difference between accident victims; and a difference between the attorneys who handle their cases. I have a passion for the law and compassion for the harmed. I want to help you like I helped others. Remember,



Recent Cases of Interest

Skip the runaround. I simplify the legal process with clear, easy-to-follow steps, aiming for efficient results to get you back to your life.

A $700,000.00 settlement for a man involved in a disputed liability automobile accident, resulting in a knee injury which did not require surgery, nor prevent him from continuing to work.

A $250,000 policy limit pre-suit settlement for a man involved in an automobile accident.

This case settled within 3 months of the accident.

A $52,000.00 jury verdict, including costs and interest, for a woman who was bitten on the elbow by a dog.

Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

I can help you navigate legal complexities after a car crash, ensuring fair compensation for injuries and damages.

Dog Bites

Seeking justice and compensation for victims of dog attacks, ensuring responsible pet ownership and recovery for injuries inflicted.

Slip & Falls

I will be an advocate for your rights if you've suffered injuries due to unsafe premises, obtaining compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

Medical Malpractice

Holding medical professionals accountable for negligence, securing compensation for patients harmed by medical errors.

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Bob Rubin represented my daughter and I many years ago, after we were in a serious auto accident. He was extremely helpful and very professional. A few years ago my husband died in an accident and I didn't hesitate to have Bob represent us once again. He is definitely an attorney that goes the extra mile in every way possible. I would highly recommend him.

Kristi W.

Mr. Rubin is very professional and made himself available to speak with me anytime I needed. I would highly recommend him for anyone that is looking for a personal injury attorney to represent them. One thing that is very nice is that even after everything has been completed, Mr. Rubin still stays in touch checking on how I am doing.

Loy C.

After investigating & communicating with insurance companies, Mr. Rubin was able to come to a settlement in my favor. I still communicate w/Bob Rubin to this day. He continues to demonstrate compassion for his clients, great communicatin skills and true passion for his job! I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Rubin Law.

Rhonda H.

Robert Rubin is by far the best attorney for the job. We were very grateful for his help we received. Years ago we needed his services and as always the services exceeds our expectations. Any time day or night we needed him he was always available to help with a high level of professionalism.

Deltoria B.

Mr Rubin has represented my family and business in several instances over the past 45 years . Trusted advice great representation and his communication skills will help ease your apprehension. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Mark D.

Mr. Rubin has been our attorney for over 30 years.He helped us with multiple events over that period of time .He was very helpful and understanding.

Every time we needed to file claim,Mr. Rubin helped us with high quality work. We highly recommend his professionalism. If we should ever need him again, we would gladly hire him.

Ratko K.

“His communication skills, both written and verbal, and his thoroughness were superior throughout the process. He is gifted with a high-degree of intelligence, has an inherent understanding of people, knows how to build relationships, and is not afraid of hard work, which allows him to excel in his particular field of law. Two of personal injury cases that he worked on with me were not easy. Against this challenging backdrop, Robert was able to provide stability and maintain credibility throughout. He always made me feel like I was the most important case he had when talking with me. This is a real gift.”

Leona W.

“We were lucky enough to have been referred to Mr. Rubin after my wife was hit in a rear-end car accident. Mr. Rubin was very familiar with the process and helped hold our hands through it all. Without Mr. Rubin, we would have given up early on. He was able to get services for my wife from the insurance company, as well as represent the lawsuit for the accident. Mr. Rubin insisted on finding data when no one else would look. We are grateful.”

Ben B.

“Bob Rubin helped us after we were rear-ended in a multi-car accident. It was stressful because we were injured and the police report was incorrect. It was a long process with insurance denials. Mr. Rubin worked diligently to get our case successfully settled. We are forever grateful to Bob Rubin and recommend him highly.”

Valerie J.

“If you want an attorney that TRULY cares about you, this is the attorney you want!! Robert Rubin is the most caring, considerate, and compassionate attorney you will ever find…if all attorneys in the world were like Mr. Rubin the world would be a better place.”

Carol K.

“Bob represented my case and me with the highest level of professionalism. Detailed, communicative and thoughtful throughout, he kept me both informed and secure. Through the process, I felt my case was important to him as any other. He personally handled each step of the process in such a way that I felt both understood and protected throughout. I fully endorse Bob.”

Andrew C.

“I’ve used his business two different times and both times were very successful and very professional. He always kept in contact with me and was always there if you need them for anything. Robert Rubin is an amazing attorney, very highly recommended. Wonderful company to work with.”

Stacey J.

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