BB – Romulus, MI

I had received information from several attorneys following my accident. After having surgery, I contacted Robert Rubin, who came to my house and explained my rights. I felt that Mr. Rubin explained the no-fault law so well that I could teach it to someone else. Mr. Rubin explained ahead of time any potential problems that might arise (and they did). Mr. Rubin always kept me very informed and sent me copies of everything. I would say the biggest plus in my experience was how everything, especially the no-fault law, was explained to me in detail so I understood it. I would definitely recommend Mr. Rubin to anyone.

CM – Detroit, MI

Following my accident, I spoke with Robert Rubin, and he came to the hospital and met with me and my daughter. I felt Mr. Rubin explained the no-fault law and all things involved with my claim in detail. He went over all of the pros and cons and answered all of my questions very thoroughly. I was amazed at how well I was kept informed of things; I felt there was never a lull in the attorney/client relationship as I was either receiving information in the mail or getting phone calls from Mr. Rubin to keeping me updated. I would highly recommend Robert Rubin to anyone involved in an accident

KK – Alpena, MI

I live in Alpena, Michigan. Following my automobile accident I had a doctors appointment in Flint, Michigan, where my wife and I initially met with Mr. Rubin. We were impressed by the way Mr. Rubin presented himself; he did not talk about how much money he could get me, like the other attorneys we had already spoken with, but rather spoke to us about our rights and what could be done to take care of my medical care and treatment. We felt comfortable with Mr. Rubin and believed him to be very trustworthy. Mr. Rubin filed two separate lawsuits on our behalf; he always explained everything to us very clearly and provided us with copies of everything. If we ever had questions, he was very easy to reach and always promptly returned calls. We have highly recommended Mr. Rubin to other people, and will continue to do so. There is no other attorney we would call, and in fact we still call him today for advice because Mr. Rubin will go out of his way to help, even if it’s not in his field of expertise.

CR – Wyandotte, MI

I was referred to Mr. Rubin by a friend when my daughter had a horrible dog bite to her face.

Mr. Rubin came to my house and met with me, my husband and my daughter. He was very professional. He answered all of out questions and explained things as we went along to make sure we completely understood what was happening in my daughters case. I was very pleased with the end result. We were able to get all of the money available under the dog owner’s insurance policy.

I was very happy with Mr. Rubin and would refer him to others. In fact, I have already done so.

MD – Coleman, MI

After my case had already been declined by another attorney, I spoke with Robert Rubin over the telephone, and he came my house to meet with me concerning my accident. I felt very good and positive about Mr. Rubin; he was sincere, didn’t try to con me, and explained things in depth and in laymen’s terms I could understand. He was always prompt in returning calls, answered all of my questions and kept me updated as to what was going on. I felt as though Mr. Rubin always laid out both the good and the bad, and explained things so I could understand them, and he never tried to sway me one way or another. Mr. Rubin filed a lawsuit on my behalf, and I sat through a highly contested arbitration hearing which Mr. Rubin handled, and I was very impressed with his knowledge and passion. I felt very good about my experience with Mr. Rubin, and I would highly recommend him to anyone involved in an accident.

DR – Southfield, MI

I was referred to Mr. Rubin by a friend after my 90 year old mother was involved in a serious accident. She was a pedestrian crossing the street when she was struck by an automobile. Mr. Rubin came to the hospital to meet with my mother and myself. He made it convenient and easy for us. I appreciated that he spoke directly to my mother even though she was elderly and seriously injured. I also appreciated the Mr. Rubin sent timely correspondence and answered all of out questions and concerns. He made a very complicated situation one that we could understand. I could not have been more pleased with the result he obtained for my mother. He let us know of the ramifications of our decision and all of our options, but let us decide what we should do. Mr. Rubin made the situation much less stressful than it might have been. I could have received no greater gift than Mr. Rubin removing much of the stress I was under concerning my mother.

State Bar of Michigan
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